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Therapy by yourself or as part of a couple can be terrifying. We are all afraid of what is beneath the surface, in the depths of our minds. It is hard to have a stranger in the room as we expose ourselves. It is even more terrifying to think about a group of people  in there, seeing parts of you typically kept hidden. This is a common thought people have about group process, that it is exposing and scary. It is. Therapy is not for the faint of heart; it is for individuals willing to look at themselves through another lens.

What many don’t realize about group therapy is that even though we are exposing ourselves to multiple people versus one therapist, it can feel so good to have other people say “ditto” to what you are going through. Groups are generally formed with a specific topic in mind. You won’t be alone, and instead with others who are struggling along with you. In groups, we can offer more insight and suggestions to each other than any one therapist ever could.

It is empowering to have other people in the same room as you saying…I get it!

There is a lot of potential in groups that cannot be achieved within one on one therapy. Another perk of group therapy, especially for those of limited financial means and for whom individual therapy would be out of reach, is that groups are significantly less costly than one-on-one sessions. Any group therapy sessions I am facilitating will be listed on this page, below. 


How it works

If you are  interested in an offered group therapy session, feel free to contact me and state which group you are interested in. We will then set up a consultation session to review what the group is about as well as the fee and meeting time.

Typically, groups last 12 weeks at a time. Groups lasting longer than 12 weeks are more process- or support-oriented.

Groups Available

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